Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is the act of placing hands on or above an individual, animal, or object to channel unconditional love and KI or Life Force Energy to help heal the receiver.

The Reiki practitioner is simply the conduit for channelling this energy vibration to the recipient, they are not in control of where, how much or what healing occurs. Reiki energy is very ancient in origin and is highly intuitive. The Reiki practitioner may have hands on or above a particular area of the receiver’s body, but if there are other areas that require healing, the energy will go there automatically, healing things that are sometimes even unknown to the recipient. With Reiki healing, all four levels of the body are healed-the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. This is one of the reasons that Reiki is such a unique and effective healing modality.

My client’s come to me for Reiki healing for a variety of reasons: stress or anxiety at work or in their personal lives, loss of a pet, loved one or relationship, feeling stuck or at a crossroads in life, to heal past traumas that are reoccurring, and for numerous physical injuries and conditions. Reiki helps to ground, cleanse the aura and chakras, creating calm, balanced and open channels for energy to effortlessly flow through and around the receiver. It helps to clear emotional stress, pain, and traumas in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being. Reiki effectively treats physical injuries and ailments, although for more serious conditions, multiple and frequent sessions are almost always necessary. One of my favourite things about Reiki is that the receiver doesn’t have to do anything other than lay or sit back, relax, breathe, and RECEIVE. I’m a huge advocate of as many facets of our healing journey being as effortless as possible.

Reiki energy is very subtle and gentle. Most clients experience heat or cool sensations, tingles or a sense of tiny bubbles or effervescence, brushing, all on or in the body. Some clients feel energy moving or popping in trapped areas or slight pressure in different locations. Reiki is extremely non-invasive and for some clients they feel little to nothing at all. Some have rapid thoughts while receiving or even the opposite and fall asleep. None of these indications affect the potency of the Reiki healing. At times past emotions will come to the surface during a healing session, as the trapped energy is being cleansed and released.

After receiving Reiki, most clients describe a feeling of euphoria and deep relaxation, of being brought back into balance. Often clients do not want to get up or off the Reiki table, as they are keen to stay in the beautiful blissful energy vortex that has formed during their healing session that has brought them great comfort, relaxation, relief and much needed nurturing and support.

And the Reiki doesn’t stop there! Because of the highly intuitive nature of the Reiki energy, if there is further healing necessary outside of the healing session, it will continue. REIKI IS FOR EVERYONE!

Cost: 1 hour Reiki session $110

Combined 2 hour session of Reiki & reading $160 (savings of $40)