Intro Intuitive Empathic Readings

An intuitive empathic reading allows me to tap into your energy field and Higher Self, communicate with your Spirit Guides, and then use tarot cards to reinforce everything we’ve just uncovered and to catch anything pertinent we may have missed.

Intuitive readings are a powerful way to give you a sense of clarity, find balance and grounding, and feel peace and resolve about how to move forward in your life. They can help to validate thoughts and feelings you are already intuiting on your own accord, facilitate in uncovering a new and fresh perspective on anything in your life, help to recognize patterns within yourself that are negatively impacting relationships, career and family. Intuitive readings are effective at recovering and restoring peace and joy in your life, clarifying the root cause of any suffering and adversity, and can help you to discover your Soul’s purpose in this life and how to align yourself with it.

These readings can create a gateway into your consciousness, awareness, and energy field to encourage miracles of healing and light to shine through, all within a sacred and safe space of non-judgement and support. In these readings I hold space for your authentic Self to be heard and healed.

Intuitive empathic readings are the ideal solution to clearing and solving small issues that have arisen in your life. For deeper and more significant transformative healing, please see section on SPIRITUAL COACHING AND COUNSELLING

~Walk in Balance~

Cost: 1 hour session $90

2 hour Reading $160 (savings of $20)