Mercury Retrograde

Mercury just went retrograde again until early May. How can we let this be a time of healing and transformation and not chaotic interruptus? By focusing on the positive illumination and potential this particular retrograde brings. Of course the regular warnings apply this time around-don't sign any binding contracts or start any new business or collaborative deals right now, this includes verbal agreements. Important details are often hidden or misunderstood and will be revealed at a later date when it is too late. This is definitely not a time of planning too far ahead!

Retrograde rules travel, mental thoughts, communication of all kinds-be ready for blasting from you and others, confusion, misunderstandings, etc. Try not to pay too close attention to the media during retrograde either. As more often than not, stories and facts will be recanted and the truth coming to light in the aftermath. Retrograde is a time of reflecting on the past and taking stock of what has come up and gone on. So use these energies for the positive that they bring. Looking back and reviewing what we want to transform and manifest or learn for the future is only a good thing.

This mercury retrograde falls in a few signs that change the vibe of it and overall affects versus the last few that were particularly brutal! Aries, Taurus and Gemini play a part and will change the dynamic and experience for us. Expect to be abruptly brought to attention and forced into dealing with things this retrograde. The good news is it can be turned into a good thing. There will be many opportunities to make new things happen and drum up energy and momentum and movement in many areas of our lives. There will also be a focus on the material world and our attachments to it. Again, this can feel jarring. People, places and ideas that felt and seemed so good can be left in a place of discernment and consideration otherwise.

Retrograde brings up the potential of miracles and this one is no different. Although it will start with ingenuity and the testing of what we think we know and are in the material plane (while in Taurus) it will transmute into inspiration, fluidity and flow when Uranus and Mercury are in conjunction. This will be the time where we are pushed to do things differently. Anything that wasn't working will be approached and dealt with in a different way. Breaking free from anything constricting or confined, finding creative inspiration or innovating new concepts and ways to be are all things to expect this retrograde. Anything that had us stuck can become unstuck. Most people triggered by this retrograde will be because they resist the work and change.

This retrograde is bringing immense opportunity for illumination and transformation. So let's all take this on instead-finding new and better ways to communicate, make a conscious effort to clean up our thoughts and not get stuck in the mental plane, try things differently to illicit different results, complete things from the past and set our sites on dreaming up the future we want, letting go of material attachments, and taking things s l o w l y as Taurus would dictate on us. The more we push, the more we will be pushed back, so why bother? Stay grounded and keep mediating. Watch your words and don't be too affected or offended by the words of others. You got this! And when all else fails, do what I do.....stay inside! Order in food and groceries. Make people come to you. 💙

White Willow