Exploring Energy - Tools for Cleansing and Clearing


Everything on this earth is made of energy, including us. Even our thoughts and words resonate with energy. We send and receive vibrational energy signals or messages with our surroundings and that within it, subconsciously, all the time. People, animals, nature, objects, everything has an energy blueprint. Often times our attraction or connection with people and places is actually based on an energetic compatibility first and not personality or experiences. How many times have you heard someone talk about relationship or friendship downfalls only to follow it with, ‘but there’s a strong connection between us, I just can’t explain it!’? Or how many of you have walked into a place and immediately felt extremely comfortable or uncomfortable? Many people who have travelled extensively or have moved to different cities, towns, states, provinces, or countries have expressed different ‘energies’ to the specific locations. Some good and some bad; and different people also feel contrastingly in relation to the same places or people. This is all because of energy.

We are all greatly impacted by full moons, new moons, lunar eclipses, mercury retrograde and other planetary alignments. Being in nature as much as possible has been touted as imperative to us, specifically due to the energy exchange between Mother Earth and us. We are releasing and cleansing ourselves simply by being immersed within the presence of the divine miracle of nature.    Despite this constant of energy in our lives, many people are still not conscious of it and to the significance or impact of how shifts in energy influence their emotions and physical being.

So how do we navigate through our already complicated existence armed with this knowledge of energy? Naturally, we work WITH it, not against it. Initially this must be a conscious effort, however eventually with enough consistency, it will evolve into second nature.

Here are some basic tools for maintaining clear, balanced, and positive energy vibes for day-to-day life.

‘Our thoughts create our reality.’-Esther Hicks

 One of the most accessible ways to maintain harmonious energy balance is by keeping our thoughts and words in check. Because they have immense power, we can alter and control our energetic experience by consciously selecting the words we use and thoughts we hold. I am continuously encouraging my clients to use Neural Linguistic Programming or NLP to cultivate more joyous and serene life experiences.   By illuminating our accountability and choices of our reality and being, we regain our power and can embrace and manifest the lives we deserve.

We currently live in a world that perpetuates victim mentality and this is to our detriment. If we do not embody the principal that we get to CHOOSE in life, this includes our thoughts and words, and that this fundamental and cannot be taken away from us, then we cannot rise to the true power within us. When we DO knowingly step into this way of BE-ing, we are co-creating with Source; we are creating our realities and manifesting what we want for our lives.  

‘Quiet the mind and the Soul will speak.’-Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

Another tool for supporting energy balance is through meditation. Now I realise that many people are triggered and blocked to the idea of meditation for a number of reasons-they don’t know how, they have a misconception of what meditation is and can be, they feel they don’t have enough time, or they’ve tried it and found it challenging or ‘could not do it’. The good news is that EVERYONE is capable of meditation. In fact, many are doing it all the time without realising it. Meditation can be whatever we want it to be.  It is extremely easy; all that is necessary is finding the method that works the best for you. Meditation is essentially focused breathing with the intention of relaxation in silence or while chanting, combined with visualization or thought clearing. It can be for the purpose of religious or spiritual gain or for mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Meditation is highly effective in stress reduction, managing anxiety, including social anxiety, and depression, decreases mind-wandering and self referential thoughts (rapid cycling), preserves the brain from aging, controls and/or eliminates addiction, and has countless cognitive and emotional benefits.  Meditation heightens focus and concentration and psychological wellbeing. It improves memory, reduces tension and fatigue, and activates the parasympathetic nervous system. Meditation slows down the heart rate, lowering blood pressure, soothes the fight or flight functions and activates the body’s natural state of relaxation. It also opens up and clears our energy field of negative vibrations; it connects us to Source or our Higher Self. If these aren’t enough reasons to meditate, I don’t know what are!

In order for you to garner the highest possible benefits of meditation on your journey, it must become daily practice. Generally this is most favourably integrated in the morning before leaving your house to get you aligned, balanced, connected and protected for the day and/or in the evening to decompress, ground, and cleanse yourself from what you’ve encountered that day. Your daily practice does not have to start off as a huge commitment of time or endeavours. Initially this can look like you sitting alone in either silence or listening to healing music, nature sounds or classical music, breathing and allowing yourself to open up to yourself and to the Universe. You can start with 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes; whatever you feel your schedule will permit. Just ensure you are doing it around the same time everyday to promote continuity. In no time you will find that you cringe when your timer goes off indicating your allotted time is up and you will start finding more and more time and looking forward to your meditation time.

For many people, setting aside time for meditation is the ONLY time they have in their current schedule that is consciously dedicated to Self. Though this is unfortunate, it makes starting your daily practice even more crucial to developing a powerful relationship with yourself and Source.

‘You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy.’-C. JoyBell C.

As I mentioned already, energy is a part of the spaces and environments we inhabit. We can physically shift or transform the energy in our living or work space by moving furniture around and de-cluttering. Feng Shui is a great guide for teaching principals of positioning furniture and allowing energy to flow in our space.

How many objects or how little, the positioning, how clean or soiled, and the light and colours utilized in a space will all influence the energy feel of an environment. Downsizing and purging physical belongings and reconfiguring your space will notably transform the energy. Adding new accessories or painting furniture and walls is an easy and inexpensive way to make improvements. The simple act of opening all the windows in your place once a day will also cause a shift in energy; letting the built up negative and stagnant energy dissipate and the new, fresh life force of nature to flow in. This feels really good!

Personally, I always love a good deep cleanse of my space. The energy is immediately transformed and I feel everything is rejuvenated and revived and I haven’t even done much!

‘Keep what is worth keeping and with the breath of kindness blow the rest away.’-Dinah M. Craik

Sage and crystals are becoming ever-popular tools for transforming energy both in the home on the person. I encourage those of you who are sensitive to energy to ensure you are smudging you and your home with sage regularly.  Sage, cedar, and other dried herbs are sacred medicine of the First Nation’s people used in various ceremonies and traditions.

The sage smoke will cleanse your aura, chakras and the bio magnetic field around your body helping to calm, cleanse and ground you while removing any negative energy from you. Smudging will purify, bless, and protect you. The same is the case for your home or work environment. It is especially important if you’ve had any emotionally charged experiences in your living space or if you can sense any unwanted guests of the spirit form (smudging may not be enough to clear these entities though). Smudging is also useful for cleansing any vintage or second hand goods you have procured. Because everything holds energy, sometimes we don’t want those energies that aren’t ours around us or in our space. For those of you who dislike the smell of sage-I feel sorry for you! But you can try Palo Santo, which is sweeter, and vanilla-y and just as effective as sage for smudging.

To smudge, light a sage wand, pieces of sage, or a Palo Santo stick and let it catch fire. Extinguish the fire and let the smoke billow and waft onto whatever you wish to smudge. Walk around your room or home allowing the smoke to get everywhere, including cupboards, closets and small spaces. The smoke is not dangerous. It will not harm you or your pets. Traditionally you would allow the sage to go out on it’s own so using a potted plant, abalone shell, or ceramic bowl is recommended.

‘Crystals heal holistically. That is to say, they work on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of being.’-Judy Hall

Crystals are also powerful energy transformers. You can keep stones near your bed or under your pillow while sleeping, in your living room near your TV and computer to help combat electromagnetic smog and geopathic stress, in your pocket or bra or wear jewellery made with healing crystals. Different crystals have different healing properties and can be utilized in a conscious or unconscious way; you can select specific ones to do specific healing or you can simply have them on or around you knowing that they will heal what they need to heal.

One important thing to note is that crystals should be cleansed regularly if being used by you, on you. Crystals not only emit healing energies, but they absorb negative energies as protection for us as well. Since this is the case, then we don’t want to carry around or use the same crystals holding negative energy as it can be transferred to us and affect us. The easiest way to cleanse crystals is to hold them under cool, running water with the intention of any and all negative energy to flow back down the drain into Mother Earth. Another easy way to cleanse is to place crystals into the earth; this can be in a potted plant or in the ground, for a few hours or however long intuitively needed. The same goes for using salt. Immerse the crystals into a bowl of salt and leave them as long as you feel necessary. Lastly you can use sage or use Palo Santo to smudge or cleanse your crystals. When using the water method, please be sure to Google first whether it is a crystal that can go in water-some cannot, or if it a crystal that needs cleansing as some do not.

As a general rule, I cleanse all my stones before using and if anyone touches any of them. As an absolute rule, I cleanse all of my crystals used for my healing sessions with my client’s before each appointment. If you are using crystals in your home for protection, I would cleanse these regularly too. Crystals are treasures from Mother Earth that are invaluable in their healing potential, however they can be used as visual pieces for enjoyment with home décor or adornment as well. And whether or not a person in conscious to why they are drawn to crystals, the healing benefits are still prevalent.

‘Come sweet water, cleanse my soul.’-4Him

One last and favourite tool of mine for energy transformation is to take a cleansing bath or shower. We are blessed with the gift of sacred water from Mother Earth and often we are not aware of the healing properties afforded us; we tend to take it for granted for its conventional uses and purposes.  Bath and water rituals have been used for centuries in various cultures and traditions. Paired with visualizations, mantras, and intention, water rituals are extremely effective healing tools and energy purifiers.   Water cleanses us physically, but more importantly, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Essential oils, salts, clays, crystals and flowers and herbs can be added to make a ritual bath more harmonious and potent.

After a water ritual one can expect to feel in a state of deep relaxation, peace and clarity. For those who want guidance with bath rituals, I offer this as a service that includes an organic dried herb and flower sachet, crystal and reading to accompany your take home bath ritual. 

‘A belief is only a thought I keep thinking.’-Esther Hicks

We are all very powerful beings and the only difference between those living a balanced, joyous, and successful life is the BELIEF that they can have what they want and the know how to access their power within to obtain it. Incorporating some or all of these energy cleansing and clearing tools will help encourage and support you on your journeys in this life. You will be in control of how you feel and what your experiences are. Too many people in this world are caught in the paradigm that they are products of their environments and not the creators; and this has to change. For guidance or assistance with any of these energy tools, please email me at whitewillow.healing@gmail.com