Truth and Reconciliation

I recently had the pleasure of attending a beautiful evening of tea, discussion, and storytelling by two amazing authors-Lynda Archer and Monique Gray Smith, at Capilano Tea House in Gastown, Vancouver, called 'Tea and Reconciliation'. It's the first of a 12 part series opening dialogue and (hopefully) understanding, surrounding reconciliation put on by The Raven Institute.

The event was very special because it brought together people from varying backgrounds, education, gender and race and it created an open and safe space for sharing, vulnerability, acceptance, education, connection, love and alliances. 

I didn't really know what to expect with attending. I have to admit that my main draw was spending a cozy night in Michelle and Paisley Nahanee's beautiful and welcoming space, drinking delicious and unique teas, while listening to female authors read excerpts from their novels about Aboriginal life and the struggles and successes with reconciliation and the path of healing. Of course it's no surprise that I ended up leaving with much more than this. I had my heart and soul expanded by listening to how we all want to continue to explore and promote the truth and reconciliation of the past and future of this nation's Aboriginal Peoples in Canada and that despite the progress we've made, we still have a long way to go. It was very clear that the healing process needed for the deep wounds that still exist for Canada's dark history surrounding our indigenous sister's and brother's, is the same healing process that is needed for any of us on our healing journey. We can't even, and it is unnecessary to, begin to compare notes on the 'who' and 'what' of people's wounds and traumas, because Spirit doesn't differentiate and work that way. Spirit sees pain as pain and suffering as suffering, the how and the what of comparisons are irrelevant; they are simply the trap of the EGO. What's important is to draw the similarity to the healing process as a means to connect us all together and unify us with our collected objective of our healing journeys to create strength and power in our vision. Truth and reconciliation, forgiveness, and love are all part of this journey. For us to heal, we need to recognize that we are all allies and connected because we all need the healing and reconciliation. In this truth we can find the opening to create our future and our reality of the loving world of peace and connectedness that we all desire. 

Our healing doesn't mean that we forget about the past or pretend it doesn't exist, it means that we let go of it; we reconcile and we move forwards and upwards, free of the attachment of it. In this way we can be lighter and brighter, paving the way for a more loving and freer existence. 

I truly believe this is possible for everyone. Miracles are here for all us to experience and the secret to all of it is that the true miracle is already happening to us-the gift of this life and existence that we have been given. To understand that healing is necessary on this journey and that 'healthy people need healing' is to understand part of our soul's true purpose on this earth. I ask you to join me in this and together we can have the joyous, abundant, and peaceful lives we all came here for.


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