Moose call

Today I am working with Moose Medicine. I was called to my Medicine Cards to help give me clarity, direction, and understanding with where I am at in my life right now. 

Moose Medicine embodies self-esteem and wisdom. There is a great power in the recognition to Self and the acknowledgement that is in order. The male moose call is an example of this. The forceful bellow of his call is his self-esteem; his willingness to tell the world about his feelings simply for the sake of doing so. It is no surprise to me that I am pulling this card and using this medicine to be my motivator to doing the same; my willingness to tell the world about my feelings in this moment. 

Today I want to share about how proud of myself I am at how I've handled some adversity of late. I've taken a situation that could easily have sent me into an egoic spiral of victimization and rejection and shame and instead, through my diligent and daily spiritual practice, I've found compassions, forgiveness, peace and love. Not only or myself, but for the others involved as well. I could easily have come at this experience from a place of lack, loss, and blame, but instead through this process, I have only gratitude and perspective as to what the past two years have afforded me. I have deep understanding and awareness of the gifts I have received and the learning and healing I have experienced. 

Throughout these past couple of weeks I have been present to the tremendous support and love I have from my family, friends, clients, old colleagues and life. This has been an amazing and exceptional experience where I have put into use some of the core principals pf my teachings and I have been taken care of. I have trusted and surrendered to the infinite abundance available to all of us in the Universe and I have been powerfully manifesting and attracting along the way. I can honestly say this has been extremely easy and I am left very excited and looking forward to what is opening up and unfolding for me. 

I love each and every one of my brothers and sister who are sharing this journey with me. 


White Willow